About Cat Wynn

Cat is a writer, a night owl, and a lover of dogs. She often stays up deep into the night crafting her stories for hopefully lots and lots of people to read. She also really enjoys being home and doing things that people do at home like lounging in sweatpants and staring at instagram.


“Wynn debuts with a fun, sexy workplace rom-com.”

“[T]he sex scenes are steamy and the comedic elements are often laugh-out-loud funny. Wynn is sure to win some fans.”

Perdie Stone needs just three things in life: Her forever best friend, Lucille. Their adorable rescue pug, Bananas. And last but not least, a coveted partnership at her Charleston law firm.

A partnership she more than deserves when she goes head-to-head with hotshot Ivy League attorney Carter Leplan on a big case and comes out on top. She didn’t think anything would feel better than beating the annoyingly gorgeous lawyer at his own game, but that’s before a freak storm leaves them both stranded.


In the last hotel room.

With only one bed.

It’s a one-night stand Perdie isn’t soon to forget…especially after Carter turns up at her firm and slides right into the job that should have been hers. And right back into her life—a life she thought she had all figured out.

If you still haven’t had enough of me, you can check out my my podcast Tall, Dark & Fictional. A podcast about romance fiction by romance writers.

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